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 Austin&Ally's Love story

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Austin&Ally's Love story Empty
PostSubject: Austin&Ally's Love story   Austin&Ally's Love story EmptySat Sep 12, 2015 12:42 pm

This was supposed to be called "Austin and Ally's ultimate love story" but snce theres a letter limit on the topic/story name theres nothing I can do! NOTE: I made this when I was eight so bad grammar and im nine and still have bad grammar this story came from me on the WinxClub forum the not official one!

One day a girl named Ally was swimming in the beach when she noticed someone drowning she decided to save him and she did the boys name was Austin. Austin had fallen in love with Ally he felt like it was love at first site Ally then texted Austin to come over so Austin texted Ally back saying "Yes of course il come over". When Austin got there Ally was holding a note saying "Austin I may not be able to talk anymore but I--I love you will you be my boyfriend?" Austin had said yes. When Austin and Ally turned 20 Austin decided he wanted to marry Ally he went to Ally's house with an engagement ring and said "Will you marry me" Ally was shocked but said yes. They now live a super peaceful life on earth the end not there are a few parts left to explore!
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Austin&Ally's Love story
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