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 Austin Guzir, Specialist

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PostSubject: Austin Guzir, Specialist   Tue Sep 04, 2018 3:26 pm

Full Name: Austin Guzir
Occupation: Specialist
Affiliation: Red Fountain
Origin: Zenith
Relationship Status: Single
Bio/Personality: Austin is a very chill and relaxed guy. He mostly tries to stay out of drama, but if it really concerns him, he won't hesitate to jump in. He's considered to be attractive, he's very athletic, and is extremely intelligent. He loves to read in his spare time. He's the kind of guy to call when you need something fixed.
Specialist Weapon: Double Sword
Weapon Description: The Double Sword is a weapon that has two swords colored in emerald that can cut through extremely though textures and it can also release Tecno-waves if swung in the correct manner.
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Austin Guzir, Specialist
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