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 lori prescott fairy of luck and zodiac signs

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PostSubject: lori prescott fairy of luck and zodiac signs   Sun Jul 22, 2018 11:34 am

Full Name: lori prescott
Bio/Personality: gloomy, smart and friendly
Power: zodiac signs and luck
Spell List (1 Low Spell, 1 Low Shield Spell, 1 Medium Spell.
Will advance through learning new spells!):horseshoe boomerang (low spell) zodiac shield(low shield spell) black cats and elemental rats(medium spell)
Appearance (Will be updated through Winx Club Avatars, just put a description for now)she has short black hair and brown eyes in her charmix she has a pink shirt and skirt with pink heels
Why do you want to join Alfea?:to save domino and get some ingredients to make a potion to prevent her parents deaths
Background History (Childhood & High School): she was raised by parents after there dog died her father wanted to be with him  in the after life so he jumped of the roof because of that her mother wanted to be with the dog and her husband so she ate some lethal poison when she was in alfea
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lori prescott fairy of luck and zodiac signs
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