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 Fleur Macsmith witch of illusion

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PostSubject: Fleur Macsmith witch of illusion   Fleur Macsmith witch of illusion EmptyTue May 22, 2018 6:15 am

Full Name: Fleur Macsmith
Bio/Personality: evil and happy(insane&crazy)
Spell List (1 Low Spell, 1 Low Shield Spell, 1 Medium Spell.
Will advance through learning new spells!):Orbs of darkness(low spell) description: a spell that shots black orbs. Shadow shield(low shield spell) description: a spell that is a purple rectangle shaped shield. Object magic(medium spell)description: a spell that can summon objects or turn that object or person into one.  
Origin (What planet do you come from?):Andros
Appearance (Will be updated through Winx Avatars!):She has long dark purple hair with green eyes and a black gown
Why do you want to join Cloud Tower?:She wants to rule over the kingdom or even rule over Andros after destroying aisha/layla
Background History (Childhood, High School, etc.):Her Parents were evil and they had a book but then They sealed because a Person named Nebula who was like a god to the macsmith family telled them about her needing it because He wanted Her to use it for evil. When She was in school Her Parents got poisoned by a fairy after the deaths of her parents  Nebula as an black orb with smoke made her see the book and then he transformed back to himself and gave the book to Her.
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Fleur Macsmith witch of illusion
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