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 The Ultimate Crossover

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"Stay back, human, you don't know what you're dealing with!"

Artemis Fowl simply hummed. "I am afraid it is you, fairy, who is unfamiliar with the facts. And, oh, who are those six?" His grin widened. He could get more gold if he kidnapped all of them. And he needed that gold if he wanted his father back.

Holly Short glared at the Irish boy, gesturing for the girls to show their faces. More fairies, well, pixies is what the new ones are, if you are going by the Artemis Fowl world.

Artemis observed the girls carefully, taking note of the trend of redheads being dangerous. The auburn haired elf and the redhaired pixie were both redheads and appeared to be able to cause a good amount of damage. He could use that.

He could destroy them.

But he wasn't that sick. Was he? He didn't really know, but he'd do anything to get his father back. He had to do this. He had to kidnap an entire group of fairies.

"Butler, do hurry and shut them up before they start to make a scene in the middle of the woods." Artemis smiled a vampire smile.

Butler frowned at his master, but he managed to knock the fairies out.

"Great, good work, Butler." Artemis grabbed a few bags. "I think you can fit two in these."

Sighing, Butler made to put the girls in the bags. He did attempt to tell Artemis that they shouldn't do this, but the pale boy had shut him down.

And, so, as they were on their way back to Fowl Manor, they heard an incredibly girly scream. "Let us go! If you don't, we'll kick your butt!"

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The Ultimate Crossover
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