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 sky the pixie of weather

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PostSubject: sky the pixie of weather   Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:07 am

Full Name:Sky
Spell List (2 Low Spells, 1 Medium Spell)
Will advance through earning your MagicPop):icicle trio its a spell that will shot three icicles deals 5 damage (low spell)
rain cloud a spell that will make a raincloud that deals 5 damage  (low spell)
sunlight blast a spell that is a blast of light deals 10 damage  (medium spell)
also some other weather spells that deal 5 damage
Appearance (Description or/and Picture):has black curly hair and green eyes with a green shirt and blue jeans but when she activates her pop pixie she wears a sky blue dress with yellow wings
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sky the pixie of weather
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