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 Celeana Hianarith, Fairy of Void

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Celeana Hianarith, Fairy of Void Empty
PostSubject: Celeana Hianarith, Fairy of Void   Celeana Hianarith, Fairy of Void EmptyTue Jan 09, 2018 7:31 pm

Celeana Hianarith, Fairy of Void Pqf8Ekb

Heart Coins: 1,000,000 Heart Coins
Diamonds: 500 Diamonds
Full Name: Celeana Hianarith
Bio/Personality: Celeana is very shy, introverted, and quiet. She loves to read, write, and draw. However, when provoked, she is not afraid to stand up for herself. She isn't a big fan of social outings, but she is incredibly loyal to her friends. However, it takes a very long time to gain her trust.
Origin: Earth
Power: Void
Spell List (1 Low Spell, 1 Low Shield Spell, 1 Medium Spell.
Will advance through learning new spells!):
Spell List:

Wave of Darkness
Celeana sends a wave of darkness towards her opponent, dealing 10% damage for 3 minutes. (Low)

Shadow Shell
Celeana encases herself and those nearby in a bubble of shadow, which blocks the vision of those inside, and the view of the inside from the outside. The shield remains up for as long as possible. (Low Shield)

Void Breath
Celeana breathes out void, damaging each opponent that it touches by 15%.

Why do you want to join Alfea?: Celeana wants to join Alfea because she wants to find people like her, and wants to be able to be able to make friends that she can relate to for once. She also wants to learn how to control her powers.

Background History (Childhood & High School):
Celeana was a very happy child, as she had wonderful parents, a little brother that got pretty annoying at times but she loved anyways, and two bengal cats. However, she never made any friends. She always felt different from the other children, and never could find anything in common with them. She grew distant from the outside world, turning to books instead of friends, pouring out her thoughts in writing rather than talking to others. She began to be bullied for being so strange. However, instead of giving up, she started to try to fit in. She made friends. She had sleepovers. She did everything that a normal girl did, but she never seemed to relate to her friends, no matter what she did.

High School

Sadly, one of her Celeana's cats died, sending her into a spiral of depression. She stopped talking to her friends, who started spreading negative rumors about her around the school. She began to be bullied again, and walked around with her head down. One day, she simply wanted to disappear. The next thing she knew, she was encased in a bubble of darkness. This is how she learned of her powers. She applied to Alfea, hoping to get a fresh start, to learn magic, and to find people like her.
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Celeana Hianarith, Fairy of Void Empty
PostSubject: Re: Celeana Hianarith, Fairy of Void   Celeana Hianarith, Fairy of Void EmptyWed Jan 10, 2018 1:13 pm

CELENA HAS BEEN ACCEPTED! You can start her story at the Alfea Courtyard where Griselda will check her in. If you would like to change anything about your Roleplay Avatar please message me and I will try and change it as soon as possible Very Happy! Happy Roleplaying!

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Celeana Hianarith, Fairy of Void
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