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 Forest in Danger

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Forest in Danger

The bell rings and when all the students were seated Bloom started class.  “Hello class, I am Professor Bloom, and I will be your teacher this semester for Intro to Defense Spells.  And we’re going to jump in right away and get a start with a simple defensive shield ‘Magic Shield of Defense’”, called out Bloom and a simple shield appeared in front of her. “Now you try it.” The class all tried the spell and almost everybody got it. “Great, now let’s try another one, ‘Defensive Cage’”. A magic cage appeared around Bloom.  After the class tried the spell, Bloom said “We’re going to go outside and see what you girls can do.”  The class heads outside and Bloom tells them to break up into groups of three, start walking around the forest and that they should be ready for anything that comes their way.

A group of a blue, green and black haired fairies started walking together when a blast of energy came towards them.  The green haired fairy steps in front of the other two and said “Wall of Defense!” and a shield was summoned and protected her and the others “Thanks Liz.” said the blue haired fairy. “Any time Bette,” Replied Liz.  “I don’t even know where that came from,” said Bette. The three fairies kept walking being more alert this time. There was a blast of a sun ray coming their way and they were able to block it. Once Bloom regrouped her class she told them that they had a great first day at Alfea. And then the black haired fairy said “How did you know that we weren’t going to be in any danger?” “Good question, Alessandra.” Said Bloom “Come on out girls,” and with that, Stella, Layla and Tecna walked out from the forest. “I knew you girls were fine because these were the one’s attacking you, and I knew that Stella, Layla and Tecna were not going to put you girls in any real danger. That’s all for today, class dismissed.”

After eating dinner all of the Winx girls gathered together teacher dorms and disused the day’s events.  “Thanks so much for helping me with my classes today.”  said Bloom.  “No problem” replied Stella.  “Any time” said Layla.  “I can help again if you need help teaching defense spells” added Tecna.  “How did your day go Musa?” asked Layla.  “Great, we had auditions to see where everybody goes there’s a lot of talent this year but some are going to need a lot of work.  How did your day go Flora?”  Flora replied, “Splendidly, only this one girl changed the plant into a fairy eating plant, instead of a flytrap.” “Oh no that can’t be good!” said a horrified Bloom, “But cheer up it’s only the first day, things will get better you’ll see.”

The next day while Flora was teaching her flower transformation class, four students turned roses into fairy eating plants.  Flora decides to go to Ms. Faragonda about the problem.  When she arrived at Ms. Faragonda office, Ms. Faragonda looked frantic.  Flora was hit with pain, “The trees! What’s wrong with the trees?” “That’s why I was about to get you Flora, the trees near Alfea and Red Fountain have come under control of very strong and powerful magic,” Said Ms. Faragonda.  “How did this happen? And is it related to the events that have happened in my flower transformation class?” Flora asked.  Ms. Faragonda responded, “Yes I believe it does, see those four students were new transfers from Cloud Tower, and I think that the Trix have them under a spell to do their bidding.  The Trix used their magic energy that was still dark enough to add to their own to cast the spell that the trees are under, and if we don’t reverse the spell soon the trees are going to start to attack the school.” “Oh no, this can’t be happening,” said a distressed Flora, “We have to stop this, what if I gather all the students from Lynphea and other nature fairies and we use out energy to try to break the spell while the others form a shield around Alfea and Red Fountain.”  “Great idea Flora, Red Fountain and Alfea’s shields are not made for this kind of attack, you can start to gather the Nature fairies and I and the rest of the Winx will gather the rest and split them into two groups,” said Ms. Faragonda.

So they did what Flora and Ms. Faragonda decided, Bloom and Musa leaded the Alfea group and Layla, Tecna and Stella leaded the Red Fountain group.  Flora and her fairies flew to the center of the forest and consecrated all their energy into healing it.  The two groups protecting the schools were starting to have to take an offensive approach verses a defensive one.  After a good bit of time Flora’s group was able to cast a counter spell, to the one the Trix had placed on the forest.  “Woohoo we did it!” yelled Flora.  A third year, white haired fairy even earned her Enchantix, because her brother was a student at Red Fountain. “Great job everyone, I just wanted to commend you all on your great job restoring the forest and protecting the schools,” said a pleased Ms. Faragonda.
The End
By: musa225
This was my first time writing any fan fiction, tell me what you think.
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Forest in Danger
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