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 What's up with season 7?

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PostSubject: What's up with season 7?   Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:04 pm

So, I just finished season 7, and my head hurts. What was the point of the Trix? I understand how they came back, but they didn't need to. The whole season felt like it was leading up to a showdown with the Winx and Kalshara, and that didn't happen.
Time traveling and young Faragonda. I feel like they would have messed up the space time continuum, especially Stella.
We finally got new Alfea background fairies. Only there needed to be alot more then what they had to fight the Trix. I mean the whole school and all of Cloud Tower came out to fight the Army of Decay, and that was when the Trix were only senior witches.
So many outfits.......
I liked the overall look of Tynix....Butterflix not so much. It looks something a 4th grader would have made. But that's my opinion.
Baby Winx. We've already done that to Stella so did we really need to have the whole group babies. Someone tell me what the point of the banana episode was!
What is up with the dancing? That is not dancing...
Rant over!
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What's up with season 7?
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