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 Dotty, PopPixie of Art

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PostSubject: Dotty, PopPixie of Art   Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:56 am

Full Name: Dotty Rainbow-Spotter

Bio/Personality: Dotty is very full of life and is very upbeat. Her favorite hobby is to paint and draw and she one day hopes to open her own artist shop in Pixieville. She tries her best to be a perfect example for her bonded fairy, but Dotty loves to be stubborn and hot-headed so it can sometimes be tricky to leave her personality behind for the good of her bonded fairy.
Talent/Power: Art

Spell List (2 Low Spells, 1 Medium Spell)
Splash Art - Dotty summons a splash of paint towards the enemy dealing 5% damage and blocking them to see. (Low)
Magic Ribbon - Dotty crafts a ribbon and wraps it around the enemy causing them to get trapped in the ribbon. (Low)
Magic Pencil - Dotty summons a magic pencil which is able to turn a drawing into a real life creation. Whatever she creates disappears after 5 minutes and she can't draw something for the next 10 minutes. (Medium)

Appearance (Description or/and Picture):
Features: Dotty has light blonde curly hair, brown eyes, and a mixed black and white skin complexion.
Everyday Outfit: Dotty wears her hair in pigtails but leaves it curly, and she wears overalls for painting.
Popixie: For her PopPixie transformation, Dotty wears brown shorts, her hair down but still in curls, brown boots, and a white top splattered with paint, she also holds a paint brush.
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PostSubject: Re: Dotty, PopPixie of Art   Wed Dec 28, 2016 8:14 am

ACCEPTED! Very Happy!

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Dotty, PopPixie of Art
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