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 Icy, Witch of Ice

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PostSubject: Icy, Witch of Ice   Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:00 pm

Full Name: Icy
Occupation: Witch
Affiliation: Cloud Tower/ Trix/ Darkar/ Valtor/ Ancestral Witches/ Tritannus/ Selina/ Brafilius
Current Form: Fusion with Fairy Animals
In a relationship with: Single
Bio/Personality: Icy, as her name infers, is a cold type of person, and often acts cruel for the sake of being cruel. She tends to act rude and ridicules people she does not approve of. Her temper tends get the better of her when things do not go her way. As she was taught by Headmistress Griffin, she and the other witches, Darcy,and Sotrmy hate Alfea fairies extremely, and especially the Winx Club specifically Bloom.
Powers: Ice
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Icy, Witch of Ice
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