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 Legendarium Creatures: Treants

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PostSubject: Legendarium Creatures: Treants   Thu Jan 28, 2016 8:32 am

Full Name: Treants
Affiliation: Legendarium
History: A few chapters tell the story of Treants; They are ancient, human knights, who shape-shifted into huge trees. They are good beings that are full of life with just a single touch. their weakness is their roots. Once the roots are firmly planted into the ground and made contact with the soil, the treants will re-stabilize. Their eyes are red if under the spell of the Legendarium and become closed when in a normal state making them appear as normal trees.

Powers: Strength

Health: 70/70 hp per each Christmas Ghost

Grab - A Treant is able to tightly grab anything or anyone and reduce their powers by 10%
Treant's Shout - With a shout of a Treant a strong wind will blow which will blow away everything in it's path depending on it's surroundings.
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Legendarium Creatures: Treants
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