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 Lola Sherriwood, Witch of Dark Winds

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PostSubject: Lola Sherriwood, Witch of Dark Winds   Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:57 am

OC Sheet 2.0

Full Name: Lola Sherriwood
Occupation: Student 
Affiliation: Cloud Tower
Year: 1
Origin: Eraklyon
Relationship Status: Single
Lola is a very calm and innocent girl. She isn't really the type of girl you'd call a witch. The only reason she decided to choose the path of a witch is because her mother was a witch and she doesn't want to disappoint her. Other Cloud Tower students usually make fun of her because of her goody two shoes attitude which makes her feel isolated.
Powers: Dark Winds
Spell List:
Wave of Shadows - Lola summons a dark wind from the palm of her hands blowing back and dealing damage to the enemy by 10%. (Low)
Portal to Oblivion - Lola creates a portal that summons the enemy's attack back to them. The portal lasts for 30 seconds. (Low)
Necromancer Spree - Lola summons a shadow skull creature that spits out dark mucus to the target dealing 5% damage. The creature dies automatically after 60 seconds. (Medium)
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Lola Sherriwood, Witch of Dark Winds
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