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 History of Magic Class

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PostSubject: History of Magic Class   Sun Jan 03, 2016 9:07 pm

Welcome to the History of Magic Class with Daphne, here you will be able to learn and improve your spells and magic.

Noblika - This is a technological skill, learning it will improve your defensive spells by 10%. (Takes 3 real life hours)
Gemnika - This is a solar/light skill, learning it will improve your offensive spells by 10%. (Takes 3 real life hours)
Organika - This is a nature skill, learning it will decrease 10% damage from your opponent's attacks after they hit you 3 times. (Takes 3 real life hours)
Mixika - This is a air skill,  learning it will increase your flying speed by 10%. (Takes 3 real life hours)
Morphika - This is a morphix/water skill, by learning it you will gain one illusion spell that can create a clone of you that deals 10% damage in battle (Takes 3 real life hours)
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History of Magic Class
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