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 Lockette, PopPixie of Thresholds

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PostSubject: Lockette, PopPixie of Thresholds   Tue Dec 29, 2015 1:33 pm

Full Name: Lockette
Affiliations: Alfea/PopPixie of Thresholds/The Pixie Plaza Worker
Age: Young Adult
Being the second youngest of the Winx' pixies after Piff; her feelings get hurt easily.
Lockette is a sensible and cautious Pixie who is meticulous and tidy. Organization is her strong point and she does not like playing it by ear because when something unexpected happens she gets flustered; which makes her nervous and touchy, lose her self-confidence and get into trouble. Her friends know her well and try not to upset her, with the exception of Chatta though who enjoys upsetting Lockette.
She is very intelligent and sensitive and always ready to help anyone in trouble. If things do not work out as planned, Lockette would not admit she was wrong and is quite stubborn. Although she is not prepared to admit she was wrong, she is ready to go to any length to show that she was right. Lockette who is generally shy and cautious then becomes overconfident and ends up complicating matters. Lockette's bonded fairy is Bloom.

Talent/Power: Portals/Direction
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Lockette, PopPixie of Thresholds
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