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 Sweetie, PopPixie of Friendship

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PostSubject: Sweetie, PopPixie of Friendship   Mon Dec 28, 2015 9:11 am

Full Name: Sweetie Romeo

Bio/Personality: Sweetie is well - it's in her name, she's very sweet! She likes to make new friends and she always tries to stay away from drama. She's always there for her friends and will always help them out when they are in trouble. 

Talent/Power: Friendship

Spell List (2 Low Spells, 1 Medium Spell)
Will advance through earning your MagicPop):
Friendship - This is Sweetie's basic attack where she summons a ray of energy that is colored in pink with pink hearts floating around it. When the attack hits the enemy it deals 10% damage.(Low)
Peace and Serenity - Sweetie casts a spell on the target causing them to become best friends with the first person they see. The spell lasts for 6 minutes. (Low)
Energy of Friendship - Sweetie creates a ball of energy that is colored in pink with pink hearts floating around it. When the ball hits the target the ball explodes dealing 10% damage to at maximum 3 targets. (Medium)

Features: Sweetie has a tan skin complexion, dark blue hair, and green eyes.
Everyday Outfit: Sweetie usually wears a pink dress with pink flats. 
PopPixie: Sweetie's PopPixie transformation consits of her in a light pink tutu, a pink top with frills around it,pink sparkly flats, and her hair is left long with a side braid
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Sweetie, PopPixie of Friendship
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