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 Jonathan Murry

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PostSubject: Jonathan Murry   Sat Dec 26, 2015 12:07 pm

OC Sheet 2.0
Full Name: Jonathan Murry 
Bio/Personality:Jonathan is a total hot head, people find him to be very attractive although his personality not so much. He loves to fight and be the center of attention. He has problems staying committed to a relationship and jumps from girl to girl. He also loves to party and he's just a night owl.
Origin: Eraklyon
Specialist Weapon: Plasma Fists 
Description of Weapon: The Plasma Fists are metal fists that light up with purple coloring. The Plasma Fists carry a good amount of damage for hitting and blocking during battle. 
Why do you want to join Red Fountain?: Jonathan wants to join Red Fountain because he wants to be part of Eraklyon's military one day and Red Fountain is the perfect place to practice and learn.
Background History (Childhood & High School):
Growing up Jonathan pretty much had a luxurious life, he didn't really have to work for anything. He took inspiration from his father who served in Eraklyon's military and became one of the best fighters and decided to follow his footsteps. Jonathan also inherited his father's trait of not being committed to relationships. Jonathan's father is now single due to the fact that he cheated on his wife and this just left Jonathan being a wreck. He finds remorse in cheating. Jonathan is close with his mom though and he loves her very dearly. Jonathan hopes to overcome his problem and settle down with the one.
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Jonathan Murry
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