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 Mal Widow, Witch of the Dark Thunder

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PostSubject: Mal Widow, Witch of the Dark Thunder   Thu Dec 03, 2015 10:24 am

Full Name: Mal Widow

Mal is a very tomboyish girl. She likes to wear dark and tough stuff. She is usually sarcastic and tries to avoid happy and annoying people. She is very troubled and likes to get into fights easily. She likes to be alone and is an introvert. Her favorite hobby is teasing and creating chaos to fairies.

Power: Dark Thunder

Spell List:
Lightning Strike - Mal summons a cloud on her palms and aims at the target to shoot a lightning strike. The lightning strike is colored dark purple and the attack deals 10% damage. (Low)

Thunder Shield - When an attacks is about to hit Mal she is able to summon a shield that lasts about 50 seconds unless dismissed. Depending on the attack level the shield may be able to block it or not. (Low)

Dark Tempest - Mal summons a ball that has lightning surrounding it. Mal raises it up to the sky and the lightning strike is able to recognize Mal's targets and enemies and has an attempt at shocking them dealing 30% damage. (Medium)

Origin (What planet do you come from?): Magix

Why do you want to join Cloud Tower?: Mal wants to join Cloud Tower because she knows that joining is the only way she'll be able to be taught the best dark spells in the magic dimension, also it's a good chance to have an adventurous rivalry with fairies and specialists.

Background History (Childhood & High School):
When Mal was little she grew up with her mother as her father cheated on her mom. Ever since that Mal had been furious and grew up all the way to high school without a father. She was bullied in high school and called names because of her tomboyish and introvert personality. She never really let it bother her though, she took advantage of that and made everyone fear her. She found that making people fear her was kind of an interesting and fulfilling emotion. She discovered her powers during a very emotional fight with one of the popular kids. It all lead Mal to anger and she just shot an electrical bolt out of nowhere to the kid. The kid was severely injured but Mal didn't let this moment pass, she realized she had powers and chose the path of being a witch.
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Mal Widow, Witch of the Dark Thunder
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