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 Sabrina Demar, Fairy of Knowledge

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PostSubject: Sabrina Demar, Fairy of Knowledge   Sabrina Demar, Fairy of Knowledge EmptyWed Dec 02, 2015 9:24 am

Sabrina Demar, Fairy of Knowledge 2hz08ir

Heart Coins: 1000 Heart Coins
OC Sheet 2.0
Full Name: Sabrina Demar

Bio/Personality: Sabrina is very intelligent and she never misses her opportunity to prove that. She believes that everyone should be rational and project knowledge everywhere. She is a bit socially awkward and it is not a total breeze for her when talking to boys. I guess you can say she has the typical "Nerdy" attitude. Sabrina doesn't really get a long with girls who prefer shopping over studying and she usually tries to stay away from them. Sabrina is also an introvert.

Origin: Zenith

Power: Knowledge

Current Fairy Form: (No transformation yet)

Techno Blast - Shoots a numerical laser at the enemy that deals 10%. (Low)
Book of Rage - Summons a storm of books that fall from the sky dealing 10% damage per book. The storm shoots around 5 books in total and it lasts for 5 minutes.(Medium)
Wind of Knowledge - A wind that blows the enemy away for a few distances from Lerra. The wind is green and has numerical numbers on it. It deals 20% damage (Medium)
Electric Storm - Shoots a numerical lightning strike at the enemy. The lightning strike is green and at it's tips there are numerical numbers. This attack deals 30% damage. (High)

Appearance: Sabrina has dark blonde hair and she usually ties it up in a ponytail for her everday outfits to portray a smart look. Her eyes are light green and she has a slight tan skin tone. She also usually wears Geek Chic stuff. She likes to get that smart and nerdy look.

Why do you want to join Alfea?: 
Sabrina want's to join Alfea because she wants to learn more about her powers and create amazing things. She wants to create magical inventions that will help the people in the Magic Dimension.

Background History (Childhood & High School):
As a individual born in Zenith, Sabrina was brought up to excel at everything she does. Even though she takes pride in accomplishing things, somethings just don't fulfill her heart's desire. As a child Sabrina's parents never really had time for her so she grew up with mostly her Aunt's looking after her. Her Aunt's where the one's who made her discover her power. In no time, Sabrina was already creating projections out of magical digits. 
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Sabrina Demar, Fairy of Knowledge
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