Lidiya Sharpe, Fairy of the Magic Rings! 2078emq

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 Lidiya Sharpe, Fairy of the Magic Rings!

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Lidiya Sharpe, Fairy of the Magic Rings! Empty
PostSubject: Lidiya Sharpe, Fairy of the Magic Rings!   Lidiya Sharpe, Fairy of the Magic Rings! EmptyTue Dec 01, 2015 12:23 pm

Lidiya Sharpe, Fairy of the Magic Rings! 3vmn1oh



Currently In: Fearwood Musa Full Outfit
Heart Coins: 1000 Heart Coins
Diamonds: 1360 Diamonds
OC Sheet 2.0
Full Name: Lidiya Sharpe
Bio/Personality: Lidiya is a very sarcastic and introverted individual. She doesn't really care about fashion and popularity. She's the type of girl that would just stay at home, get some popcorn and watch a funny movie. She can sometimes be mean without realizing that she's hurting someone's feelings but when she does she does not hesitate to apologize. Lidiya is very fast at catching things and she is amazing when it comes to studying and tests. Her favorite subject is Potionology.

Origin: Magix
Power: Magic Rings
Current Fairy Form: Charmix
Spell List: 
Magic Ring - She creates a magic ring and then throws it at the enemy to deal 10% damage. This is her basic attack.(Low)

Hurricane Ring- She creates a purple transparent ball and then faces it to the enemy. The enemy will then get hit by tons of small magic rings that deal 10% damage each. The ball contains about 5 rings. (Medium)

Ring Protection- She creates a shield like a ring that protects her from her head to her knees. (Low)

Why do you want to join Alfea?: Lidiya wants to break out of her shell and become more experienced with people so she can improve her social skills and not be awkward all the time. However, mostly, she just wants to improve her powers.

Background History (Childhood & High School):
 Lydia was born and raised in Magix. Her parents are both Magix citizens. She has a bigger brother named Jason who now no longer lives at Magix but lives on Earth at Gardenia. Lydia has trouble making friends because she always comes off as a cold hearted person. At her elementary school all the way to high school nobody really talked to her because they were either scared or just thought she was mean. Lydia hopes she can overcome this flaw at Alfea. She also hopes that she can become a good fairy.
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Lidiya Sharpe, Fairy of the Magic Rings!
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