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 Evie Solari, Fairy of the Sun!

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Evie Solari, Fairy of the Sun! Empty
PostSubject: Evie Solari, Fairy of the Sun!   Evie Solari, Fairy of the Sun! EmptyTue Dec 01, 2015 11:18 am

Evie Solari, Fairy of the Sun! 1gqcef


Heart Coins: 1000 Heart Coins
OC Sheet 2.0
Full Name: Evie Solari
 Evie is a shop till'ya drop kinda girl. Evie is all about fashion and having fun! She can be selfish sometimes but she does like having company. She isn't that smart but she has a strong motivation when it comes to girl power! Evie also has a great sense of humor so sometimes she'll crack jokes even at the wrong time.

Origin: Solaria

Power: Sun

Current Fairy Form: (No transformation yet)

Spell List:
Solarian Bolt

Evie makes a sunball that has light energy in it. When it hits the enemy it makes them weak by 10%. (Low)

Sun's Ray-

Evie shoots a ray of light out of her palm that deals 15% damage. (Low)

Solarian Shield-

Evie makes a yellow star shield that protects her. (Low)

Why do you want to join Alfea?: Evie is all about making friends so at Alfea she hopes to make some bffs. She also wants to have new adventures and just fun, although, she does also want to help the universe by protecting it so she wants to also improve on her school work.

Background History (Childhood & High School):
Evie is a high-class girl from Solaria. Her parents are good friends with the King and Queen of Solaria. In Evie's high school they would teach princess etiquettes but she grew tired of all the posh and rude people there. Evie demanded she moved to Alfea. Her dad grew furious because he wanted her to one day marry a prince. Evie wants to do her own thing though. Her mother supports her through whatever she does so she moves to Alfea to practice her fairy powers and have new adventures.
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Evie Solari, Fairy of the Sun!
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