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 Luna Moonray, Fairy of the Electric Moon!

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Fairy Pet : Special Tiger
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PostSubject: Luna Moonray, Fairy of the Electric Moon!   Sun Nov 29, 2015 1:26 pm



Currently In: Luna Alfea School Uniform
Heart Coins: 915 Heart Coins
Diamonds: 1000 Diamonds 
OC Sheet 2.0
Full Name: Luna Moonray
Luna is very kind to her friends and has a big heart. She tries to be nice when she can and she studies hard in magic. If someone tries to get into a fight with her then she can become moody for a while until she calms down. She is easy to get along with, outgoing, hardworking, friendly and most importantly the best friend a girl/boy could ever have. 

Origin: Domino

Power: Electrifying Moon

Current Fairy Form: Charmix

Spell List:
Moon blast: With this spell, Luna can blast the enemy out a couple feet with 10% damage. This is her basic spell. (low)

Moon ring: Luna creates a circular shield that blocks attacks depending on the enemy. (Low)

Moon dust swirl: With this spell, the enemy will be lifted up with moon dust as if they were in a tornado and the tornado will keep spinning until it's minute is done. While in the tornado enemies are weakened by 10%. (Medium)

Why do you want to join Alfea?: Luna wants to go to the famous school for fairies so she could become the fairy she always dreamed and wanted to be.
Background History (Childhood & High School):
When Luna was 5, she always loved pretending she was magical and casting spells. She used to go out to the woods and climb trees and discover secret hideouts. She loved it there and that is where she would go to pretend to cast spells. When she was 8, she got tricked into thinking her mom died and so did her dad. She cried for months and had been searching everywhere with no sign of them. When she was 13, she realized she had been tricked and that he parents were captured by evil withes so she went out to find their secret layer and after that, she discovered that she was a fairy and she made an energy blast for the first time but did not transform yet. When she was 15, she left Domino to go to the famous school for fairies so she could become the fairy she always dreamed and wanted to be. She went to the Alfea school for fairies.
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Luna Moonray, Fairy of the Electric Moon!
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