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 Talia Romero, Fairy of Morphix!

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Talia Romero, Fairy of Morphix! Empty
PostSubject: Talia Romero, Fairy of Morphix!   Talia Romero, Fairy of Morphix! EmptySun Nov 29, 2015 1:22 pm

Talia Romero, Fairy of Morphix! 15WBYO6


      Heart Coins: 1100 Heart Coins
    Diamonds: 1,000 Diamonds

Currently In: Talia Alfea School Uniform
Full Name: Talia Romero

Talia is a very outgoing and fun person. She is very courageous and strong but she doesn't like to be confronted. She likes to dance and talk. She is also very bossy sometimes.

Origin: Andros

Power: Morphix

Spell List: 
Morphix Ball-
Shoots a ball of morphix that attacks
 an enemy dealing 10% damage. (Low)
Morphix Net-
A Net made of Morphix that can trap anything. It lasts for 30 seconds. (Low)
Andros Hurricane-
A rain of morphix water that weakens an enemy for 30 seconds. (Low)
Morphix Boomerang-
A boomerang made of morphix that can attack an enemy dealing 30% damage (Medium)
Andros' Beam-
A beam of morphix water that deals 40% damage but weakens Talia by 30% as well. (High)

Background History:
A girl raised to love water and all things of Ocean life. Talia used to attend a school in Andros but decided she wanted to explore a bigger dimension so she moved to Magix and went to attend Alfea. Her parents are Andros citizens and they live in the King and Queen's palace.
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Talia Romero, Fairy of Morphix!
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