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 Vanessa De Linphea, Fairy of Nature!

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Vanessa De Linphea, Fairy of Nature! Empty
PostSubject: Vanessa De Linphea, Fairy of Nature!   Vanessa De Linphea, Fairy of Nature! EmptySun Nov 29, 2015 1:19 pm

Vanessa De Linphea, Fairy of Nature! 5ZEShW6

Currently In: Vanessa Alfea School Uniform
Heart Coins: 5942 Heart Coins
Diamonds: 20000 Diamonds

OC Sheet 2.0
Full Name: Vanessa De Linphea

Bio/Personality: Vanessa loves nature and loves flowers and everything that is pretty. She is sweet and likes to help her friend whenever she can. She also loves fashion and likes to always stay beautiful. Even though she does love nature she is afraid of dirt and doesn't like to get dirty which is weird since she is a nature fairy. Regardless of that she does like being a nature fairy since she does get to work with some of the most beautiful flowers.

Origin: Linphea

Power: Nature

Current Fairy Form: Charmix

Spell List:

Rain of Pollen

Vanessa creates a green magical ball that contains magical energy and lifts it up in the air. When lifted up in the air the ball falls into pieces and gently pours at the maximum of a 20ft radius creating a rain of pollen that heals an ally or weakens the opponent's attacks by 10% reduced damage for 3 minutes . (Low)

Flower Shield
Vanessa summons a transparent green shield shaped like a flower that covers her head to knees. The shield can be summoned for up to 6 minutes and has to wait 6 minutes before it can be summoned again. (Medium)

Floral Blast
Vanessa shoots 2 consecutive flower blasts that hit the opponent dealing 10% physical damage and weakens them for 3 minutes. (Medium)

Appearance: Vanessa has brown light hair with brown eyes. Her favorite color to wear is pink. Her style is very girly and floral. Her must-have accessory is her pink candy shaped bag where she keeps all of her essentials.

Why do you want to join Alfea?: 

Vanessa wants to join Alfea because it's a chance for her to make new adventures and make new friends, but also, learn more about her power. She knows that with practice she can become a great fairy and help nature and people in need.

Background History (Childhood & High School):


As a child Vanessa attended the Elementary School of Gifted Fairies at Lynphea. There was no knowing if Vanessa would have actually been a fairy since her father is just a Lynphean with no powers but she did turn out to be a fairy.

Vanessa discovered her powers at the age of 8 when she was at the school playground playing fairy house with her classmates. Vanessa was the daughter in fairy house and changed her classmates hair color on accident. Her teacher went to investigate and knew that Vanessa had started to show her magic.

Teenage/Middle School Years:

Vanessa went to the Linphea High School For Fairies In Training for middle school and high school. This is where Vanessa discovered what her power was for. She was part of the popular crowd but she wasn't mean or anything, she showed appreciation to everyone. One day at the Linphea High School library Vanessa kept trying out different element spells that she had found in a magic spells book. All the elements kept failing until when she was about to give up. Vanessa casted a nature spell that enlarged the plant that was sitting at the librarians desk. Vanessa couldn't believe what she had just did so she tried out a few other minor nature spells such as summoning a flower-made headband on a girl head, and trying to connect emotionally with plants. All the spells seemed to work well for the most part so she rushed to her parents and told them the good news.

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Vanessa De Linphea, Fairy of Nature!
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